Here we go...Las Vegas and Memory Trends! Leaving on a big plane tomorrow for a whole week in Vegas, to work that is...hopefully we can squeeze in a little fun.

Trace Industries is going to be in booth #725, an "island" booth. This will be a first for us, with all four sides of the booth exposed to the isles. We have a new booth for the show and it is quite different from anything that we have done. We also will be having TWO demo tables. I will be at one and the super fab Tiffani will be at the other. Our goal for the week is to show techniques to use all of our amazing products. I can't wait to play at the demo tables, meet all of the amazing people that come to these shows and hopefully see some of the faces that are starting to become familiar.

Another cool part of this trip is that we are going into Vegas early to set up the booth, hopefully we will get set-up completed early so that I can actually see Vegas this time. We also have the entire day on Friday before we fly out, maybe I will have some beginners luck and come home rich.

With Tiffani coming along with us it should be extra fun, she is always a riot and fits right in with Misty, Michael and I. We can be a goofy bunch when working loads of hours and little sleep. I also am looking forward to a night out on the town with another designer from our team, Tina Freeman. We have been planning to get together at Memory Trends and have some fun, Wednesday is the night! I think that we could possibly have a little too much fun though...oh well you know what they say...what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

Now, back to my ..."Gaining Perspective"...
This week has been a difficult week for me, scheduling conflicts for the girls next week while I am gone, husbands' job schedule becoming torturous for him and the family, the wash machine going berserk and finding a huge water pipe leak in my house. Despite all of this I am still trying to see life through rose colored glasses, the glass half full.

I found myself crying today while driving down the road. First with frustration at the situations I have been facing this week and then it all changed...the sun was bright, the trees were full of amazing colors and the sky was crisp blue with little poofs of clouds. The kids were singing in the back seat and my husband was sitting in the drivers seat next to me. What else could I possibly ask for?

It could always be worse, I have life pretty darn good and my family is healthy. I have been given opportunities that some would love to have and I will never take that for granted. I will always cherish my family; husband, kids, parents, siblings, friends and even my dog!

How about you, what's going on in your life, how's your perspective?


Sunday, Sunday, Sunday...

My goodness, it has been so long since I have blogged... is blogged even a word? As usual, life and work have consumed every bit of time lately. It is 2:30 in the morning here and I am ready to go for the day. I fell asleep at 8:00 p.m. last evening due to an allergy induced sinus infection, lovely eh? I awoke to see the clock reading 1:55 and knew that there was no going back to sleep. So... long story short... I am sitting here with a freshly brewed cup of coffee attempting to enjoy this peaceful quiet time.

As for the last few months, here is a short listing on the happenings:

2 siblings engaged! (my sister and my sister-in-law) due to these two new engagements we now have three siblings that will be getting married between Jan. 29, 2006 and Jun 29, 2007. my brother-in-law got engaged a few months ago and we are so very excited to see all of our siblings starting this amazing chapter in their lives.


sold our cottage, my parents are also selling theirs, they will be closing next week on a new cottage...their dream cottage.

daughter with hearing problem, turns out it's a severe build up of wax....we're still working on clearing that up, not so fun.


sister home from D.C., only a few days here and we sure miss her.

celebrated a birthday, no I am not saying how many years old I am any more.

the girls and I spent a few days camping at the beach with some friends and their kids. we camped in a tent, the girls weren't too sure about it at first, now they'd sleep in the tent in the back yard if I would let them.


dental and doctor visits to get our check-up, not diggin the shots for the girls...

teaching classes at the local scrapbook store.

school open houses, kids getting excited to start school. mom even more excited they are going back to school.


my dad's birthday. labor day weekend.

K starts soccer. practice one day a week and games every Saturday.


k starts school. a starts school.

both girls start gymnastics. practice one day a week.

toss in church, the PTA and time for my family and you'll see where all my time has gone. so this list serves not as a complaint but as an excuse as to why I haven't been here blogging away. yes, it's more of an excuse for me, not for you. I know it looks really lame now that I am seeing here in writing.

Okay, back to work. I have 250 hand made cards to send out on Monday. They turned out so nice. It's not hard to make things come out simply fabulous when working with Trace Industries products though. :)


Burning the midnight oil....

This week has been one of those weeks where I have so many things to get accomplished and there really aren't enough hours in the day to get things done. Do you know what I mean? Even if I were to skip sleep entirely I'm not sure I would be successful in checking all of the items off of my "to do" list.

The late nights this week have been so peaceful; the cool night breezes, crickets chirping, tree frogs singing. The early mornings have been just as amazing; crisp morning breezes, slow sun rises, great tasting coffee. Although I can feel the drag setting in from 4 hours sleep a night I somehow feel rejuvenate. Somehow the change in weather, sneaking some time to create and hang out with some friends has been all I have needed to keep movin' along. That and my youngest sister, "S" who lives in the D.C. area is coming home.

Actually she is already home, at the cottage. She flew in late last night into Detroit. My other sister "E" picked her up and drove straight to the cottage, a 4+ hour drive. Hopefully they are sleeping safe and sound right now. The girls and I will be heading up shortly. This weekend will be the first time in a year that the entire family will be able to reconnect. To spend time laughing and relaxing. So looking forward to that.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings...have a great weekend!


oh, here's the dreams come true part...

This is my new little space, a slice of heaven.....my very own studio. My husband put the floor in, we painted the walls, installed the painted trim, installed the cabinets with countertop and assembled the furniture quite a few weeks ago. I have been working in it since then. But last night he finally hung the shelves and noteboards so I can properly organize my junk. It is now complete and I am ready to create! Does anyone want to come over and play?

For those of you that know me very well the color choices for the paint may not seem like something that I would normally pick out. The reasoning behind the color choice is simple, I though of what makes me happy/what is my favorite memory..... Last summer my youngest sister was able to come home from Washington D.C. where she now lives and spent almost an entire week home. We spent most of the time at the cottage but one evening we all decided to go and watch the sunset at Ludington State Park. There are miles and miles of quiet almost private stretches of beach, we chose a spot and laid out beach blankets. It was such an amazing experience for me to watch my entire family (mom,dad, sisters, future brother-in-law, husband and girls) interact and play with absolutely NO distractions. Sheer happiness for me, we took tons of photos which are some of my most cherished and watched the sun set. I am so thankful for that precious time spent together. So..... I choose colors that reminded me of that evening at the beach, the blue-grey water, the green beach grass and the soft sand.


Pure Insanity and dreams come true

Yes, that is my husband and I sitting in the stadium seating on the in-field stands of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway at the Brickyard 400, right on pit row. We were given an entire weekend away from my little sister as a birthday gift. She won the tickets at work, which included tickets to Saturday's qualifications, passes into the Frito-Lay/ PepsiCo hospitality room, a nights stay at the Marriott North and tickets to the race on Sunday. Plus she took the girls on Friday so that we could have the whole weekend away! She took them up to the cottage (with the dog too!) for the weekend. I know, I have the best little sister ever!

Although the weather was sunny and clear it was ROASTING HOT! We drank lots of water and lemonade shake-ups. Thank goodness for the hospitality room on Saturday where we could sit in the air conditioning, they provided food and drinks all day. Had we not had that I would probably not been able to take two full days. We met the nicest people and had a great time going between the track, the festivities and the hospitality room.

We were able to see the garages of some of the big name drivers, I even got a peek at Dale Jr. as he was walking away from his garage with several media crews. We were able to see Jeff Gordon, Casey Kahne, Denny Hamlin and Carl Edwards. We sat right at the entrance to the garages during practice so we were able to see every car as they entered to make adjustments. It was quite an interesting experience for my first NASCAR race. I would love to go again but will be praying for cooler weather! (And maybe a suite too?!?)

Overall the whole experience was pure insanity.... the fans are unbelievable some in good ways some in bad ways. I just kept walking around thinking of all the $$ that is spent by the teams to maintain their industry, the $$ the fans spend and the $$ the sponsors spend...crazy I tell you crazy! The electricity in the air is indescribable and as soon as the motors start up it intensifies 1000 time over. I was good to see my husbands' eyes light up, he loves NASCAR and has racing in his blood. It was like a little kid in a candy store, smelling the burnt rubber and the racing fuel....right up his alley. Now that I think about it, it's kind of like me in a scrapbook store :)

So thanks "E", you rock! It was so nice to get away, relax and experience a new sport and a new city. We are so thankful that you worked so hard to get the tickets for us and for taking the monsters for the whole weekend. We had an amazing time... Love, "L"



Jammin' to the one, the only Bob Marley..."we're jammin and I hope this jammins' gonna last"
Yes, I just took this picture and it looks silly.
7:47 a.m.?
Yup... and I have been awake and working already for 4 hours.
1/2 pot of delicious coffee
4 loads of laundry done
2 bathrooms cleaned
floor swept and mopped
studio organized
husband off to work
e-mail checked
message board checked
kids fed breakfast
kids dressed and teeth brushed
now all I need to do is to pack....
pack me
pack the kids' things
pack the dog things
beacause the kids and dog are heading north this weekend with Aunt Erika
hubby and I are heading south
to the Brickyard 400 in Indianapolis to be exact
can you tell I am stoked about that one?
Have a great weekend!


CHA and all of it's madness

I know, it's been a little while huh? Well I have been working my tail off with everyday life plus CHA madness. Our new product for CHA has been rolling in and of course my brain is on overload! What amazing stuff Misty and Michael create for us to play with! Here is a sneak peek of some of the new stuff and my 1st project for CHA. Gotta go!